IN EVIDENCE: List of COURSE TEXTBOOKS in e-book format.

Digital library / off-campus access

If you are a member of the University of Turin, you can have full off-campus access to the electronic collections (databases, journals, e-books, single articles) subscribed in UniTO by using:


  1. the Bibliopass service

When you click on certain access links to the bibliographic resources ("bibliopassed links", i.e. integrated with Bibliopass), you will be asked to enter your UniTO SCU credentials to navigate the resource. Examples of "Bibliopassed" links are:


  1. the uniTO proxy

This option requires a change to the settings of your browser, and it has to be used especially when you need to remotely access resources for which the integration with Bibliopass is not available. For optimal use of the proxy, we recommend configuring it on Firefox by following these instructions.


Be careful! Never use Bibliopass and proxy UniTO simultaneously on the same browser, as they may conflict.