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BFM library sites: New booking time slots on Affluences in effect from 6/6/2022

From 6 June 2022 the BFM changes its booking model on Affluences: the current system based on two fixed blocks (morning / afternoon) is replaced by a scheme that allows you to choose between 30-minute time slots.

You can, therefore, modulate your daily presence in the library over several time slots (both in the morning and in the afternoon), but always respecting the maximum threshold of 5 hours per day of total stay.

You must arrive at the library within the first 30 minutes of the time slot you have booked, otherwise your reservation will automatically lapse.


ATTENTION PLEASE! In order to avoid technical problems during the system update, we strongly recommend you NOT to make new bookings on Affluences in the period 2 - 5 June. Thanks for your collaboration!