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Looking for a BFM library site?

The BFM has 5 library sites. Click on find your preferred BFM site to locate the nearest one.

Looking for a journal article?

If you are on-campus, click on Searching - E-journals.

If you are off-campus, click on Bibliopass: off-campus access to e-resources.

If the article is not available online, don’t give up! Click on Using the library - Document Delivery and request the paper to your preferred BFM library site!

Looking for a book?

If you want to know a book location, click on UniTO Library Catalogue.

If you are looking for an e-book, click on Searching - E-books.

If you want to read or borrow a BFM book, click on Using the library - Reading & Borrowing.


Do you need assistance in performing a bibliographic search?

Fix an appointment by calling +39 011 6705874.

For quick search questions or search updates you can also fill in the online form:  Request remote bibliographic assistance. We will send you the search strings and their corresponding results by email.

Do you need support on IRIS AperTO Institutional repository, Open Access publishing/self-archiving or bibliometrics for research evaluation?

Contact us at or +39 011 6705874.

For any other needs...

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