Borrowing service is delivered at Polo Biologico and Polo San Luigi (view full details). Reading rooms are open at Polo Biologico and Polo San Luigi (view full details). Support on bibliographic searches/OA/bibliometrics, and other services are remotely delivered (view full details). A constantly updated list of course textbooks in e-book format is available here.

The BFM library from home: remotely delivered services

Most of the BFM library sites are physically closed, but we are still working to support you in your study and research needs at home:



You can access all our subscribed electronic collections (databases, journals, e-books) with Bibliopass (UniTO SCU credentials are required). A constantly updated list of course textbooks in e-book format is also available in the Teaching/learning resources section of our website.



If you need journal articles or book chapters not available in our digital collections, you can send a document delivery request by NILDE utenti (see a visual tutorial) or by e-mail to Please fill in this form (Polo Biologico) or this form (Polo San Luigi) to book the document physical pickup. In very exceptional cases, we will send you the retrieved document.



You can fill in this form or write to to receive support on bibliographic searches. We will send you both advices on the most appropriate bibliographic sources for your search questions, and ready-to-be-launched, database-specific search queries. Please detail as much as possible your information needs, and leave also a phone number in case we need to call you back for further details.



If you need assistance, you can write to


Write to or contact us on Facebook for any other support need.